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CSRC presents Safe Staffing Position Paper and White Paper

The CSRC is proud to present the Safe Staffing Position StatementWhite Paper and Interactive Annotated Bibliography for your use and reference.  These documents represents the first in an important series of steps to help set the standard in California for safer patient care. Such guidance is one of the most important functions that the CSRC provides to help improve patient care and represent our members.   Please use these documents as guidelines to help improve the care you and your institution provide to our patients.  The team that drafted this document has worked long and hard to produce this high quality document of which we can all be VERY proud. Thank you for being a member of the CSRC and thank you to the team that has produced this key guidance document.


Michael Madison, MBA, RRT, RCP
CSRC President

Concurrent Therapy 2015
Concurrent Therapy Resources and Reference: Federal Register Excerpt May 2001,   AARC White Paper Concurrent Therapy (retired)Federal Register Full Report May 2011

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