CSRC members have access to free continuing education, local networking where YOU have the chance to volunteer in YOUR state society.


CSRC members advocate in the state legislatures. CSRC represents RTs to a variety of agencies and coalitions.


CSRC has the largest concentration of RTs who are engaged and involved in improving respiratory care.


CSRC members strive for best practice standards and the development of educated, credentialed respiratory care practitioners who are committed to health and disease prevention in California.


Latest News & Events

CSRC is glad to welcome AARC's new Executive Director, Daniel D. Garrett, CAE to our community.  We are excited to see his leadership skills and have him come to our great state eventually.  For more information on this announcement, please click here.

CSRC Regarding COVID-19: 
California has become a part of the emerging COVID-19 outbreak. We now have cases which are not related to travel, but through community transmission. Federal, State, and Local governments are imposing strategies upon the population to minimize transmission, largely through more

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What does CSRC Do For Your Profession?

Every day Respiratory Care Practitioners touch people’s lives.  Simply said, we help them breathe. The CSRC is the breath for Respiratory Care Practitioners in California.  The CSRC represents you in Sacramento keeping on top of legislation and ensuring the security of your profession.  Be part of the breath so we can continue our work.

Respiratory Care Practitioners teach; we teach our patients, we teach our future. Be part of the teachers.  To ensure that patients receive the most up-to-date clinical information; to ensure that future practitioners are prepared for their profession.  Respiratory Care Practitioners are part of a team.  Be part of the team as a member.  Our voice is stronger with 16,000+ people behind us!

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