California has the largest concentration of RTs in the entire world. The CSRC is engaged and involved in improving the delivery of quality Respiratory Care. This includes being prepared for disasters like pandemics, earthquakes and wildfires. It is also important to recognize and share the achievements of our colleagues. 


Disaster Preparedness


The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) wants all respiratory therapists to be fully prepared and equipped with the up-to-date information regarding COVID-19. As we know this is an ever-changing situation and one that can easily be miscommunicated to others. Below are links to Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which is providing the best comprehensive information. It is updated on a daily basis.  Click here to get updates.


Earthquake Preparedness

Are you prepared for the next earthquake? We all need to be prepared BEFORE an earthquake occurs. Click Here for your Earthquake Safety Checklist

FEMA B-526 / November 2017


Do you live or work in a wildfire-prone area? There are key measures to consider before a wildfire comes to you. Click Here:

AARC Disaster Relief

The AARC Disaster Relief Fund was launched in 1992 to assist members who have suffered damage to their homes or other personal property as a result of federally declared natural disasters. Over the past 26 years, the fund has been activated to help members who’ve lost property due to hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and fires. Once activated, members have six months to apply for a grant of up to $500. Click Here:



The CSRC is proud to present several videos and recognitions from distinguished leaders both in California and Nationally recognizing Respiratory Care Practitioners of California.


RC Week Celebrations - Respiratory Care Week is celebrated internationally but most notably in Canada and the United States. Respiratory Care Week is usually the last full week of October. United States President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first week dedicated to honoring respiratory therapists in 1982. Originally November 7 through November 13, 1982.

RCPs of the Year – List/info on 6 RCP Recipients
RT Departments of Excellence – List/info on 6 RT Depts

Norwalk RT Week Proclamation


CSRC Challenge Coins - Recognition for RC Heroes COVID-19 response

The purpose of the CSRC Challenge coin is to recognize our fellow Respiratory Care colleagues from the State’s and Federal’s Disaster Relief Teams. These men and women of the military assisted California with the COVID-19 pandemic response. These individuals made sacrifices above and beyond their normal work and duties to deploy and assist several hospitals, quarantine sites, and makeshift treatment facilities all over California to attend to COVID-19 patients. This challenge coin is given to honor their work and is a symbol of the CSRC’s gratitude for their heroic acts.

Qualifications: Must be a Respiratory Care Practitioner, Certified Respiratory Therapist, Registered Respiratory Therapist, or similar Military Occupational Safety Code in the military who has assisted in one of the following:

  • Who directly assisted and/or deployed with State’s response to COVID-19 pandemic in the State of California.
  • A member of the National Disaster Medical System Disaster Medical Assistance Team (NDMS- DMAT) who directly assisted and/or deployed with State’s and Federal’s response to COVID-19 pandemic in the State of California.
  • An Active Duty, Active Reserves, or Reactivated military service member of the US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Marines, US Space Force, National Guard, and Air National Guard who directly assisted and/or deployed with State’s and Federal’s response to COVID-19 pandemic in the State of California.


CSRC History

California Inhalation Therapists were organized in two informal groups in the early 1960’s, in Northern and Southern California. The Northern group met in 1964 at Stanford University Medical Center and decided to join the American Association of Inhalation Therapists (former name of AARC). This group was approved and became the Golden Gate Chapter of the AAIT. The Golden Gate Chapter became a California Corporation, filing Articles of Incorporation on June 27, 1968 and the name was officially changed to the Northern California Association for Inhalation Therapists.

The following year, the Southern California Therapists merged with Northern California and the name was changed to the California Society for Inhalation Therapy. A third name change occurred when the AAIT became the AART and subsequently the AARC, to the California Society for Respiratory Care.

In 1980 after a series of rulings that limited the scope of practice and qualification for reimbursement of Respiratory Therapists in California, the CSRC started the process of professional licensure. The efforts toward licensing RT’s in California took over three years. The initial bill AB1414 died in committee, but was later replaced with SB 1287. On September 24, 1982, SB 1287 became law making California the first state to license Respiratory Therapists.

 In 2004 and instep with the AARC’s “Respiratory Care 2015 and Beyond” plan for advancing the profession, the CSRC submitted a formal request to the California Respiratory Care Board (RCB) to change the minimum license applicant credential to Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT). Over the next few years, the CSRC and RCB worked in partnership to gather background data as well as conduct the first California RCP Workforce Study. On January 1, 2015, AB 1972 became law and California along with Ohio became the first two states to require license applicants to hold minimum credential of RRT.

Today the CSRC continues to represent the 24,000+ Respiratory Care Practitioners in California, in Sacramento on issues, including the evolving scope of practice that are important to the Respiratory Care Profession in California and across the nation.