The CSRC collaborates across the health care continuum with other professional organizations which share similar missions and visions as ours in the highest standards in the provision of Care, Education, and Regulation Standards in the Respiratory Care profession.

White Papers

Issue or Position Papers are board-approved statements and research reviews on professional topics such as productivity, safety, and best practices. We have assembled the CSRC’s Position Papers below, along with links to other Respiratory Care stakeholder’s Position Papers which are relevant.

CSRC White Papers
Education Requirements for Respiratory Care Practitioners
Concurrent Therapy 2015
White Paper on Regulation of RCP's 2014
Position Paper in Support of RCP Regulation 2104
RRT Minimum Requirement 2012  
CSRC Safe Staffing White Paper 
CSRC Leadership Requirements Position Statement 

AARC White Papers
Best Practices in Respiratory Care Productivity and Staffing
AARC Safe & Effective Staffing Guide  

CoBGRTE White Paper
Respiratory Care Program Accreditation