California Society for Respiratory Care



Each region represents a large territory of land which, by design, is to bring the CSRC closer to the California RCPs. The Region President is the lead steward and is responsible for bringing the CSRC’s Mission, Vision and Core Values closer to the Respiratory Community within their region. This is accomplished by coordinating efforts in the areas of P.A.C.E., particularly Advocacy and Education. This is done by holding business meetings, CEU events, advocacy awareness, and social activities which gathers RCPs and other stakeholders together. This will facilitate networking where sharing of ideas, thoughts and practices can be exchanged. In turn, the areas of Professionalism and Commitment can be demonstrated to the Respiratory Community as well.


Serving - San Bernardino, Riverside counties

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Inland Empire Region Committees
  President   Vice President/Program Chair   Secretary/Comm & Outreach Chair   Treasurer/Finance Chair  
  Brandon Sweeney  


  Alyssa Ortega   Illana Alison  
   Education Chair    Governmental Affairs Chair    Communications & Outreach Chair    Membership Chair  
  Mike Terry   Vacant   Vacant   Erika Gonzales  
      M.A.R.S. Chair