2021 Elections

Please keep an eye on YOUR email.  Your personalized ballot will be emailed to you from our third party vendor.  Thank you for voting.  If you do not receive your ballot by April 25, please contact CSRC Headquarters for assistance.

Candidate Position Statements
Officers term is 2 years 
Delegate Term is 4 years 
(2-years as Delegate followed by 2-years as Senior Delegate) 

CSRC Officers 

Wayne Walls, MBA, RRT-ACCS, RRT-NPS, RCP President 

As a front-liner, l see, hear and experience the same as most of you. My goals are to support your needs. Under my current Presidency, I have used all past leadership skills to guide the CSRC to overcome many challenges, while maintaining high visibility and relevancy to the RT profession. We have weathered the pandemic by successfully changing over to a virtual presence for events and social media. We have built strong committees which are performing very well. Advocacy, education, and RT recognition are the key issues which I will continue committing resources to support the RCP. 

 Jolene Burgess, RCP, RRT-NPS, BSRT Treasurer 

Respiratory therapy has been my professional passion for the last 18 years. I currently hold a leadership role as Manager of Respiratory Care Services in Northern California. I am one year out from receiving my MBA with an emphasis in Healthcare Leadership from Boise State University. I appreciate what our frontline respiratory care practitioners accomplish daily. Upon obtaining the seat of the California Society of Respiratory Care Treasurer, I plan to continue to advocate for our profession, maintain and uphold the budget of the CSRC, as well as support the fiscal needs of the regional Presidents. 

Roberto Bautista, BSRT, RRT-ACCS Delegate 

I have been an active member of the CSRC beginning my first year in Respiratory School. I achieved my BSRT and am working towards an MS in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Most recently, I was the CSRC-GBAR Region President for two terms and gained extensive insight into the history and governance required of the CSRC. I wish to become an AARC Delegate so that I may better understand the AARC and its relationship with its affiliates. As I have furthered my education, I wish to further my service to the career that has blessed me with a livelihood and purpose. 

Michael Madison, MBA, RRT Delegate 

Serving our profession continues to be a true privilege and honor. Giving back to one’s profession is the best way to ensure a better future for our profession. Leadership roles come with work and are never free. However, it is exceptionally gratifying to see the growth of our profession as well as serve on the team that is integral to that growth. Working for you, the CSRC and the AARC is a personal duty that I take very seriously. I ask for your vote for AARC Delegate so I may represent the CSRC in the AARC House of Delegates. 

CSRC Director - Region President - Ballot will be specific to each region Position Statements. 

Inland Empire Region 
Brandon Sweeney, RRT 

I joined the CSRC as a student and immediately got involved as a student campus liaison. Upon graduation I became the IER Membership Chair. When entering this profession, I only ever wanted to grow as an RCP and be a part of our field's future growth. As the IER President, my goal will be to help not only facilitate the growth of our local RCPs, but also to find ways to help be a part of our professions encouraging future as well. 

South Coast Region 
Barish Erenler, RRT-ACCS 

I plan to continue leading our region while promoting diversity and well-being toward all therapists. I will also continue to promote education in the region as well as provide a comfortable space for Respiratory therapists to look forward to with any concerns, that should arise. 

San Diego Region 
Cynthia Zaragoza, RRT 

I have served respiratory patients for 29 years and worked in many departments, from NICU to sleep medicine and served in leadership roles for almost twenty years. I was born and raised in California and became a therapist when colleagues still called us inhalation therapists or oxygen technicians. I believe in evidence-based medicine and education. I helped develop the BSRT program at a private community college and proudly teach and coach there as well. I would like to leave you with this quote by Edward Hale – “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. 

Please keep an eye on YOUR email.  Your personalized ballot will be emailed to you from our third party vendor.  Thank you for voting.  If you do not receive your ballot by April 25, please contact CSRC Headquarters for assistance.

 Elections will be open through April 30, 2021.
Election results will be announced in May.