Ethics Course FAQ

1.     Why do I have to take this course?
It is mandated by the Respiratory Care Board of California.     Ethics courses are becoming mandatory in most industries now.

2.      What courses meet this requirement?
The California Society for Respiratory Care, CSRC and the American Association for Respiratory Care, AARC,    are currently the only  RCB approved providers.

3.      Do I have to take the course online?
No, although the CSRC and AARC each have their courses available online, the CSRC also offers this course in live   presentations throughout the state.

4.    Who has to take this course?
All applicants prior to licensure, licensees as part of their continuing education during every other renewal cycle, and petitioners prior to reinstatement of a license. Individuals applying for licensure or reinstatement on or after January 1, 2006, will be required to completed the course prior to licensure or reinstatement, respectively

5.      How often do I have to take this course if I maintain a current license?
Once every other licensing cycle.

6.      Is this in addition to or part of the 15 CEU requirement?
It counts as part of the required amount.

7.     How many CEU’s is this course?
Participants receive 3 CEU's for completion of this course/

8.      What happens if I do not take this course?
Your RCP license will not be issued, renewed or reinstated.

9.      What if I want to comment?
Comments are always accepted.  For course content please direct your comments to appropriate course provider;   comments regarding the law should be directed to the Respiratory Care Board,