RC Week  

#RCWEEK21 festivities start next week! Let's do our part to recognize the respiratory care profession and raise awareness for improving lung health.

Saturday, October 30

#RCWEEK21: The CSRC would like to congratulate Ricardo Guzman, MA, RRT, RCP, for winning the RCP of the Year Award for our Greater Bay Area region.

Ricardo is the program director for the Napa Valley College respiratory therapy program. He has been a respiratory care practitioner since 1984. He has progressively moved his career upwards over the past 20+ years in respiratory therapy education and leadership. Four years ago, he was appointed to the California Respiratory Care Board and currently sits as president.  

 Ricardo is a great person to be around. His demeanor is gentle yet firm. This attitude has served him well with faculty & students demanding and receiving excellence from both groups. This has led to great outcomes for each of the RT programs that he has served. 

 Congratulations, Ricardo!

#RCWEEK21 – Congratulations to San Ramon Regional Medical Center for winning the CSRC's RC Department Award in the Greater Bay Area Region.


The amazing respiratory therapy team at San Ramon, like many hospitals, was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The small department rallied together, supporting one another through encouragement, and pulling extra shifts to ensure adequate coverage during the surge. 

 San Ramon Regional Medical Center claims to have better outcomes throughout the pandemic than most East Bay Area hospitals. And this has been attributed in part to the efforts of the Respiratory Therapy department.

Congratulations, San Ramon Regional Medical Center! Click here for a video from CSRC President Wayne Walls congratulating San Ramon Regional Medical Center.

Friday, October 29

#RCWEEK21: The CSRC would like to congratulate Jorene Nicolas, RRT, RCP, for winning the RCP of the Year Award for our sunny San Diego Region.⁣⁣


A patient nominated Jorene. Here's what the patient said: "Jorene put me on that high-flow machine when I thought I was going to die. She saved me. She gave me all this extra care [and explained] why I needed to lay on my belly. She gave me a lung exercise to help me get better so I wouldn't have to be intubated."

 Direct feedback from our patients is the highest recognition that any RT can receive in our profession. Jorene made a tremendous impact on this patient, and chances are, she has impacted many more. 

 Great job, Jorene!

#RCWEEK21 – Congratulations to Rady Children's Hospital for winning the CSRC's RC Department Award in our San Diego Region.


The RC department at Rady Children's Hospital has a philosophy to always strive for excellence, improving care and outcomes for their patients. 

 The department's leadership applied for the Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation research grant to support a study of pressure injuries during pediatric non-invasive ventilation (NIV) via mask. After that research was complete, the department implemented changes to their NIV mask guidelines. This initiative has led to a significant reduction in pressure injuries since 2019.

 The RT department has expanded its reach by becoming an integral part of the Quality Management, Research, and Sleep Lab. Their leadership has also grown by serving as chair and vice-chair of several interdisciplinary counsels that impact how nursing leadership relates to and views our discipline.

 Congratulations, Rady Children's Hospital. Click here for a video from CSRC President Wayne Walls congratulating Rady Children's Hospital.


Thursday, October 28 

#RCWEEK21: The CSRC would like to congratulate Bridgette La Mere, RRT, RCP, for winning the RCP of the Year Award for our Central California Region.⁣⁣

Bridgette is a recipient of the Tenet Hero award, a prestigious award given by Tenet Healthcare for commitment to quality, innovation, and service. Bridgette started a non-profit asthma camp with the collaboration of the Stanislaus County Asthma Coalition to help families understand asthma. 

Bridgette finds time to help develop new protocols within her RC department, updating existing ones, and pushing her department forward. In addition, she works to educate the nursing staff on respiratory care at her medical center.

Great job, Bridgette!


#RCWEEK21 – Congratulations to the Respiratory Program at Sutter Tracy Community Hospital for winning the CSRC's RC Department Award in our Central California Region.⁣⁣ 

Sutter Tracy is the only full-service acute care hospital in the Tri-Central Valley region. The facility features the latest medical technology and diagnostic equipment, emphasizing patient care and safety first. 

Although they are a relatively small community hospital, the respiratory team quickly assembled the necessary tools to assist them during the COVID-19 surge. They implemented the same successes seen in larger facilities, including early proning and performing lung-protecting strategies.  

The RTs at Sutter Tracy love their jobs and the patients & families they serve love them back.

Congratulations! Click here for a video from CSRC President Wayne Walls congratulating Sutter Tracy Community Hospital.


Wednesday, October 27

#RCWEEK21: The CSRC would like to congratulate Kristin Vernocke, RRT, RCP, for winning the RCP of the Year Award for our Inland Empire Region.⁣⁣

Kristin is recognized by her staff from two hospitals, Southwest Healthcare System, which is Inland Valley Medical Center and Rancho Springs Medical Center. As the RT Director of two locations heavily impacted by COVID, she worked tirelessly to ensure she had the quantity of staff and ventilators necessary to provide proper and safe care for her patients. 

Kristin is a champion for professionalism within her RC department. She advocates for the RC profession and supports staff with obtaining advanced NBRC certifications. Kristin works diligently on several projects at her hospitals, including NICU-specific projects that push for RTs that can fulfill higher job requirements, quality improvement needs in the NICU, and ensuring RTs meet a level of excellence necessary to care for these fragile children. 
Congratulations, Kristin, for a job well done!


#RCWEEK21 – Congratulations to the Respiratory Program at Crafton Hills College for winning the CSRC's RC Department Award in our Inland Empire Region.⁣⁣ This is the first time an RT program has received this recognition.

The faculty at Crafton Hills College gives everything they have to ensure the best quality of education for the next generation of Respiratory Therapists without asking for any acknowledgment or reward. Crafton Hills is among the top 10% of RT programs in the nation for outcomes with their students. 

They have graduates practicing all over the United States, and they have saved countless lives. The faculty's passionate care and commitment to the community show in each patient encounter with Crafton Hills College graduates.  

Congratulations Crafton Hills! Click here for a video from CSRC President Wayne Walls congratulating Crafton Hills.

 Tuesday, October 26

#RCWEEK21 – The #CSRC would like to recognize Kaina Gomard from Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for winning the RCP of the Year Award for our South Coast Region.⁣⁣

Kaina was awarded the Golden Bronchi Award for her contributions to Respiratory Care. She is also actively engaged in the cystic fibrosis clinic at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. 18 years ago, she started the Cystic Walk in Santa Barbara, which is still held today.

She's involved in multiple research projects at her hospital, which has led to several changes to policies and protocols. She obtained her RRT-ACCS years ago, but most recently got her MS in Respiratory Care. 
Great job, Kaina!⁣⁣

#RCWEEK21 – Congratulations to the Respiratory Department at Huntington Memorial Hospital for winning the CSRC's RC Department Award in our South Coast Region.

The Huntington Memorial Hospital is a level 1 trauma center that serves the San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles. The hospital offers the only pediatric ICU and the only regional level 1 neo-natal ICU in its area. 

During this COVID crisis, they never gave up. As the RT department learned more about medication, proning, and other related treatments, their death rates diminished considerably. 

Great work, Huntington Memorial Hospital! Click here for a video from CSRC President Wayne Walls congratulating Huntington Memorial Hospital. 

Monday, October 25

Happy #RCWEEK21! To celebrate, we would like to recognize CSRC members that have shown outstanding contributions to our profession through professionalism, commitment, advocacy, and education. With that said, the #CSRC would like to congratulate Brian Smith, MSRC, RRT, RCP from the UC Davis Children's Hospital for winning RCP of the Year for our Northern California Region.⁣⁣⁣


⁣⁣⁣Brian's colleagues chose him for this recognition because he participates in several multidisciplinary committees and represents the RT profession very well. You'll never see him without a smile on his face while always displaying a positive attitude. ⁣


⁣He co-published a manuscript in the RC Journal along with three additional co-authored manuscripts accepted for AARC Congress. Brian is hands-on as a clinical educator. He rounds in the NICU and PICU with RCPs to provide real-time education.⁣ 

Great job, Brian!⁣⁣ You are a fantastic example of an excellent RCP!


CSRC's RC Department Award in Northern California Region

Congratulations to the Respiratory Department at Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento for winning the #CSRC's RC Department Award in our Northern California Region.

KP South Sacramento serves the Greater Sacramento area by providing a wide variety of inpatient, outpatient, and emergency care services. We recognize their RC Department because of its forward-facing leadership and staff. They are always looking to improve themselves! 

This RC Department has created a "unit-based team" system where they take internal issues, discuss them, set goals, and work together to achieve those goals. They hold themselves accountable by tracking their efforts online, keeping the staff involved, and improving the department as a whole. 

In addition, they have impacted their local community. The department recently put together care kits for the homeless, and one of their own distributed them to a local homeless community.

Job well done, Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento! Click Here for a video presentation from CSRC President Wayne Walls congratulating Kaiser Permanente Sacramento.


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