A specimen of a poster created using Adobe Photoshop


This is a specimen of a poster which has been written as an Adobe Photoshop file.  If an abstract which you have submitted to the RC2 Editorial Board has been accepted, you are eligible to receive individual and personal assistance creating your poster.  Email us at: [email protected] and will send you a disc in which the entire (110-megabyte) Photoshop file of the specimen displaying above is embedded.  You can download the file onto your computer’s hard drive.  Subsequently, within a time window which is mutually convenient, you and he will modify the elements of the specimen in order to generate an attractive and professional poster of which you can be proud.  This will render the time necessary to create your poster much shorter than if you were required to generate it “from scratch”.  You should feel free, of course, to change any of the poster’s elements as you see fit.  For example, when the time comes, you might want to change the color of your banner from red to blue, or to change the font from Palatino to Times New Roman.  It’ll be your call!